Hi. My name is Linda Esposito, and I'm a licensed clinical social worker (LCS#24755). My private practice office is located in the Playhouse District of Pasadena, and I offer counseling for adults, teens and families to: 

  • Obtain insights in issues/problems
  • Maintain healthy relationships
  • Learn effective coping skills
  • Heal from emotional pain
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Practice self-care


My specialty is helping clients gain power over their thoughts and emotions to feel more joy, and less stress. Many people come to me for help with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, parenting concerns, and how to successfully balance professional and academic responsibilities with socializing and creative pursuits. We work together to create a plan so you have the tools to reach your goals in a timely manner. I offer many free meditation and relaxation Mp3s to help you outside the 50-minute therapy hour, as well.

I've provided psychotherapy for the past 13 years, and I'm constantly searching for the latest wellness tools which increase positive emotions, healthy relationships and peace of mind. I also write about mental health, happiness and parenting for Psychology Today, Huffington Post and Wired for Happy, my psychotherapy blog. To get in touch and discuss how I can help you achieve your counseling goals, call me @ (626) 710-6578, or send me an email. I look forward to connecting!