What would your days look like if you didn't feel hijacked by stress and anxiety?

If you struggle with overwhelming thoughts of sadness, or feeling out of control, distracted and unfocused -- talking about your concerns in a quiet, safe and confidential place can help you restore self-confidence, emotional wellbeing and daily functioning.

Relationship issues are addressed to help you connect with yourself and communicate your wants and needs with others.

  • Feeling more calm, confident and in control can happen when you share your struggles with someone who won't say "Stop being anxious!" or "Relax. It's all in your head."

  • Working on breathing exercises, positive visualization and relaxation techniques increases a sense of calm and in control. I provide free downloadable Mp3 files that you can have on your mobile devices and computer — any time, anywhere you need a boost of calm. Here are some therapeutic resources I provide.

  • Challenging negative and self-defeating thoughts will be emphasized, as well as developing healthy boundaries around time management, anger control, and honest communication.

  • Creating a daily structured plan provides you with a routine and a method for tracking your moods.

Most clients report feeling less nervous and more self-assured within a few sessions.

I know how debilitating the 3:00 a.m. negative thoughts can be. And if you're not sleeping, you're not calm. We address sleep issues right away...

I pride myself on being an Anxiety Saboteur.

Let's connect!