Worried about your teen?

  • Are you frustrated by his/her attitude?

  • Does s/he engage in risky behaviors?

  • Is yelling your main form of communication?

  • Is school attendance an issue?

  • Does s/he bully other kids?

  • Is s/he socially withdrawn?

  • Is s/he obsessed with academic achievement?


Do these behaviors sound like your child?

  • Disrespectful behavior of family members and authority?

  • Preoccupation with social media sites and technology?

  • Extreme anxiety and worry around attending school?

  • Obsessing about academic success?

  • Worry about not fitting in with peers?

  • Anger outbursts?

  • Distant or withdrawn?

  • Academic/behavioral problems?

  • Lying about whereabouts?

  • Using/abusing drugs and/or alcohol?

  • Hanging out with negative peers?


Individual counseling for your teen + family therapy provides solutions.

I don't believe in labels. The teen years are tough! Most teens just want to fit in and feel normal, and that’s one of the goals we work towards in counseling.  We discuss choices your teen can make so s/he:

  • gets along better with family members

  • finds alternative ways of dealing with challenges

  • attends school regularly, even if this is difficult

  • learns to communicate openly and honestly

  • balances studies and socialization

  • chooses the right friends

  • improves grades and behaviors at school

  • develops goals for the future

I've been working with teens for over a decade. My experience helping teens overcome stress and anxiety was recently featured in this CNN article. In addition to private practice, I've worked with teens in middle and high schools (including students who have been suspended and expelled from school), kids in foster care, in group homes, and on probation.

Being a teen is hard.

The good news is adolescence doesn't have to be so difficult.

Talking in a confidential and safe environment can help your teen verbalize what s/he's going through, instead of communicating through unhealthy actions.

Let's talk healthy coping strategies — contact me here.