Thank you for visiting my website. I’m happy to share some information about myself to help you decide if we're a good fit.

I am a licensed clinical social worker, and for the past 13 years I've provided psychotherapy to help people overcome anxiety, anger management, adolescent and school problems, parenting and co-parenting, high-conflict divorce, and relationship issues.

Although helping people achieve mental wellness is my passion, my most important role is being a mom, so I'd better practice what I preach! I believe there’s never been a better time to teach our youth about mindfulness, meditation, and other techniques to promote social and emotional intelligence.

I'm honored to be a frequent interviewee on CNN regarding stress relief, academic anxiety, and domestic violence. I also write about write about mental health as a Contributor for Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

Being active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram helps me stay connected and culturally relevant to how we communicate, shop, socialize and share information. I’m fascinated by the number of people who search online for mental health support.

I believe that developing a secure and supportive therapeutic relationship is the first step toward helping you understand your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. I tailor the counseling intervention and pace to each client’s particular needs, goals, and personality style. Through active exploration and practical solutions we work together so you can reach a point where change is welcome and experienced as safe.

I look forward to connecting with you.